This is a virtual school space and a trial of building a community space that can be constructed, modified, and reconstructed collaboratively by a group of people. This website uses a Google spreadsheet as a database (then converts the Google spreadsheet into 3D space). Whenever a user enters, this brings up the real-time data from the spreadsheet and reconstructs the environment. If anyone who has access to the spreadsheet changes the information in it, the modification is directly applied to this virtual environment. This system represents the school, which is a collaborative community space built by people in the community.

It’s currently on it’s default mode, where the buildings (which represents list of programs and exhibitions) are all just lined up. This arrangement will be transformed as the programs and exhibitions progress, creating new relationships and shapes, during the biennial season(school season).
Artwork by Yehwan Song, commissioned by 17th International Architecture Exhibition La Biennale di Venezia Korean Pavilion